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Meet The Practitioners

Here you can find people who are certified to give Touch & Awareness sessions and have minimum done Foundation and Intermediate, 2 years of Training.

Contact the practitioner of your choice for their availability and rates

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Schirin Zorriassateiny


Rosen Method Therapist | Dancer | Trauma practitioner | Yoga teacher | Tantric teacher | contact

Through her broad background with body awareness, she has created Touch & Awareness Bodywork in Amsterdam.

She teaches others to become bodyworkers, so this work can benefit more people.

“My passion is to create a space and atmosphere where people can feel accepted and safe enough to then be curious and honest with themselves.”


Co-facilitator / Practitioner

Anita Mulderij


Advanced graduate |

Body Confidence Coach

Abcoude / Amsterdam | contact


"I keep being amazed by how much the body can tell about who you truly are, by just being present with it in a gentle, loving way. I support people in creating a positive body image and loving their body just as it is. With T&A I invite my clients to come from the mind into their body. To become more aware of what the body is telling so they can release tension and explore their protective meganisms. This work supports them to embody more of their true essence."

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Co-facilitator / Practitioner

Themer Abourayan

Advanced graduate | Life coach

Amsterdam | contact

Themer gives in addition to bodywork, coaching and trainings. "With Touch and Awareness bodywork I work with the body to release tension, bring deep relaxation and increase aliveness. But also to gain insights. To my experience the body knows much more about ourselves than we think!

This is highly intuitive work that focuses on whatever is present in your body at the moment."

SuzanneSelectie-3656 kopie_edited_edited

Assistant / Practitioner

Intermediate graduate |

Amsterdam | contact

"Are you ready to reconnect with your inner voice and trust your intuition? I believe that true personal growth involves integrating the body, allowing us to tap into our deepest needs and desires. As a practitioner, I have witnessed clients cultivate a profound sense of aliveness in both body and mind by embracing this proces. 

My approach is guided by an invitation from your body’s wisdom. Together, we will navigate towards empowering you to live a life that is free and authentic."


Assistant / Practitioner

Advanced graduate |

Brasschaat, BE | contact

"I welcome you in a calm and inspiring practice space, where all emotions and parts of your personality are met with softness. With a soft touch guided by intuition, I invite your body to reconnect where tension is stored. Based on the knowledge of emotional anatomy, I guide you into the unconscious to let go of deeper trauma, no matter how big or small they might be.  

My own experience with the combination of psychological therapy and Touch & Awareness sessions has been powerful and transforming. There is more space for exploration and aliveness. And my playfulness came back!


Sophie Eekman

Assistant / Practitioner

Intermediate graduate |

Amsterdam | contact

"Being a very tactile person I’ve worked with my hands my whole life: first as a photographer, and later as a ceramicist, where I refined my delicate yet supportive touch. In my own experience receiving Touch and Awareness sessions, I went back to earlier life experiences, when I had felt alone and abandoned. I realised that these experiences were what made me so convinced of the power of touch, and the vital importance of feeling held. That’s what I’d like to offer to people during Touch of Awareness. I find it quite amazing and surprising what can emerge during a session."


Niek Wagemans


Advanced graduate |

Hilversum | contact


"As an artist, an architect, and a bodyworker, the silver lining in all

my work is a love for regeneration. Whether it’s an abandoned building, salvaged material, or a body longing for deep restoration. To aid in the transformation of that which has been rejected or neglected. I give, hold, and create space in which I welcome you to come home to yourself and experience life through all your senses."

Anna Aknaeva


Anna Aknaeva

Advanced graduate | Bodywork 

Zaandam | contact

      “Committed to living fully and passionately I help people to explore their protective layers and to open up safely into deeper connection with their true essence. In my Touch & Awareness training I've learned to support people in the nature of their experience, to approach bodies with listening hands in a way that isn't intrusive, to create and hold space for anything that needs to come up in the moment.”

5 AnnoesjkaJPG.JPG

Annoesjka Ismail 


 Intermediate graduate | Pelvic Release practitioner | Haarlem 



"I have learned in T&A to reconnect with the deep wisdom of my own body, I have learned to trust and listen to what wants to manifest after being touched. In my sessions I am holding a safe space  to give my clients the opportunity to really feel and connect with what wants to reveal through touch."


Fleur van Baarsen


Advanced graduate |

Utrecht | contact

"My deepest joy is to be fully present with the person on the table: to discover layer after layer what is there, and to meet all this with loving attention. I have an ever-growing trust that the essence of this work is to be present with you, with the willingness to fully meet what’s there. This allows you to sink deeper into your body: your vehicle to enjoy life with."


Cindy Welters


Intermediate graduate |

Rotterdam | contact

"As a practitioner of T&A bodywork I guide you to a place of relaxation and awareness, where physical and emotional tension can release. Keywords clients have given me are 'Nourishing, Safe, Feminine, Easy to surrender to, Loving and committed presence’."

IMG_8631 LGHTM ok3.jpeg


Intermediate graduate |

Porto, PT | contact

"In my work as a composer, my hands hover softly over the piano keys to find its hidden melodies. With a profound curiosity, I bring a similar listening touch to a Touch & Awareness session. I have a calm and gentle approach, and in this serenity, I am genuinely present with you and with whatever arises in the moment."

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