Meet The Practitioners

Here you can find people who are certified to give Touch & Awareness sessions and have minimum done the 9 months Foundation Training 

Anita Mulderij


Intermediate graduate | Body 

Confidence Coach

Abcoude / Amsterdam | contact


"I keep being amazed by how much the body can tell about who you truly are, by just being present with it in a gentle, loving way. I support people in creating a positive body image and loving their body just as it is. With T&A I invite my clients to come from the mind into their body. To become more aware of what the body is telling so they can release tension and explore their protective meganisms. This work supports them to embody more of their true essence."

Cindy Welters


Intermediate graduate |

Rotterdam | contact

"As a practitioner of T&A bodywork I guide you to a place of relaxation and awareness, where physical and emotional tension can release. Keywords clients have given me are 'Nourishing, Safe, Feminine, Easy to surrender to, Loving and committed presence’."


Foundation graduate



Marc did the 9 months training with clients for own growth.

"T&A made me more relaxed and confident."

Saskia Steysiger


 Advanced graduate |

Berkel en Rodenrijs / Rotterdam 


"I am "holding space" for you and I will support you in the proces of embracing your inner truth. 

Deeper breath can come in, more relaxation and aliveness can be felt and the circulation in the body can improve when you let go of old holding patterns in your body. 

I love offering these sessions and bring you more in your body & less in your head."

Arjen van der Meer

Arjen van der Meer


Advanced graduate |

Amsterdam | contact

Arjen has a background within sport and health.

"T&A has raised my level of body awareness, and instilled on me what defines the quality of touch. 

Offering my presence and my conscious touch is both the simplest and the most powerful thing I'd love to bring to people."

Annoesjka Ismail 


 Intermediate graduate | Pelvic Release practitioner  | Haarlem 



"I have Learned in T&A to reconnect with the deep wisdom of my own body, I have learned to trust and listen to what wants to manifest after being touched. In my sessions I am holding a safe space  to give my clients the opportunity to really feel and connect with what wants to reveal through touch."



Foundation graduate |

Amsterdam / IJburg | contact

"Through Touch & Awareness I learned more about myself and who I want to be and some of the ways I hold myself back. In my sessions I would like to offer a safe, non-judgmental space for people to discover and connect more deeply with themselves."

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Anne Marthe Pekelharing


Foundation graduate module | advanced module |

Naarden | contact


"I learned how to fully be there for others, using presence, touch and words. Also I learned how to connect more deeply with both my own body and with others. My passion is to create safe space to slow down, to soften and to connect more deeply with yourself!"

Fleur van Baarsen


Intermediate graduate |

Utrecht | contact

"The T&A training created a firm base of trust in my body. To dare to feel myself deeply and to the fullest. The gift of feeling so deeply that I enjoy in my own life, can now be enjoyed and used to guide you in yours. Meeting in the therapeutic container opens up a vast space for self love.  I invite you to come experience that with me!"

Other recommended practitioners

Jeroen Cops

Co-teacher Advanced module

Bodyworker | Martial Arts teacher | Massage therapist | Amsterdam | contact

"With more than 25 years of studying, practicing and teaching Martial Arts and many different 

forms of massages, Jeroen is an 

experienced overall bodyworker. 

Jeroen created his own bodywork style based on techniques and philosophies like Tantra, 

Dearmouring, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Energetic Release. Together with Schirin, he created the first Advanced module/ Intimate Bodywork."

Elizabeth Sheppard


Holistic Masseuse | Intimate Bodyworker | London/Stockholm |


"Elizabeth is a holistic masseuse, intimate bodyworker and sex educator. She works with men and women individually, as well as with couples. She has joined 3 different modules with T&A, including the Advanced module. She has a broad background in working with clients through Sports massage, as a Personal Trainer, in Somatic Sex Education, in Trauma Release Exercises, in Tantric De-Armouring among other things. 

Schirin Zorriassateiny


Rosen Method Therapist | Dancer | Trauma practitioner | Yoga teacher | Tantric teacher | contact

Through her broad background with body awareness, she has created Touch & Awareness Bodywork in Amsterdam.

She teaches others to become bodyworkers, so this work can benefit more people.

“My passion is to create a space and atmosphere where people can feel accepted and safe enough to then be curious and honest with themselves.”

Anna Aknaeva

Assistant Foundation Training

Advanced graduate | Bodywork 

Zaandam | contact

      “Committed to living fully and passionately I help people to explore their protective layers and to open up safely into deeper connection with their true essence. In my Touch & Awareness training I've learned to support people in the nature of their experience, to approach bodies with listening hands in a way that isn't intrusive, to create and hold space for anything that needs to come up in the moment.”

Themer Abourayan

Themer Abourayan


Advanced graduate | Mens coach

Amsterdam | contact

Themer gives in addition to bodywork, online trainings for men. "With Touch and Awareness bodywork I work with the body to release tension, bring deep relaxation and increase aliveness. But also to gain insights. To my experience the body knows much more about ourselves than we think!

This is highly intuitive work that focuses on whatever is present in your body at the moment."